Anti bullying week resources

Download our free anti bullying week assembly presentations, posters, flashcards and more

anti bullying week resources

Anti Bullying Week 2017 takes place from the 13th-17th November. It's a great opportunity to reinforce the messages about how your school approaches bullying; including ensuring your pupils know what to do if they are being bullied, how you will deal with anyone who bullies and that everyone should take bullying seriously because of the long-term impact it can have on friendships, self-esteem as well as health and wellbeing.

Why not run a special Anti Bullying assembly and use our resources below? We have a variety of powerpoint presentations you can download, as well as videos and flashcards to help get the discussion started. We'd love to hear how it goes- tell us on Twitter @BullyingUK,


Create your own anti-bullying poster

Use our poster creator to create your own anti-bullying poster.

Anti bullying advice activity

Download our free bullying advice activity for young people to explore anti bullying in more depth.

This resource is set out as an agony aunt/uncle format and you can ask young people to give advice to the bullying issues on the activity. 




Anti-bullying debate activity 

Having a debate is a great way of getting young people engaged with issues that are affecting them. Debating topics can help young people a number of skills including research, team work, presentation skills and more.

Download our free anti bullying debate activity to use in your setting. 


Anti bullying comic strip

Download our free comic strip resource for classrooms, which includes a storyboard, planner, scenario ideas and themes. It is a great way of exploring anti bullying encouraging students to do a comic strip and understanding the effects of bullying.



Anti bullying week assembly presentations

Please download our free anti-bullying presentation aimed at children and young people. It includes information about the forms of bullying, how it makes people feel, classroom tasks and activities and an interactive video. 





Download your free anti bullying week assembly presentation which features the facts about bullying, information about different types of bullying, some practical activities you can do as well as our anti bullying video.  


Anti bullying stop signs activity

Explore all the different ways in how to get bullying to stop using our anti bullying stop signs. This activity can help young people navigate their feelings and reactions to bullying. Download this activity here.





Bullying flashcards

We've created a set of flashcards you can use to start the discussions about bullying during anti bullying week. Each flashcard has a statement or question on the front which you can ask the students and get them to think about the answers, then we have provided an answer on the back.

The flashcards are available as a pdf download and you can print them out and cut out, or just use as they are. 

Download your free anti bullying flashcards


Anti bullying week videos

We have lots of different anti bullying videos you can use with your students to help them understand the impact of bullying and what to do if they or someone else is being bullied. See all our anti bullying videos.

Anti bullying week wristbands

For more information on our wristbands, please click here.


Bullying UK anti bullying t-shirts 

Help Bullying UK to stand up to bullying by wearing one of our t-shirts and spreading the message. All funds raised go to Bullying UK. Buy your Bullying UK anti-bullying tshirt. Our t-shirts are unavailable at the moment, please watch this space for new stock arrivals. 


Superhero masks  

We have our great wear blue superhero masks which are perfect for the budding young superhero's who want to make a difference and show they are against bullying.

The masks are great as a classroom resource as they can colour them in and decorate them too. 




Anti bullying posters

Please feel free to download our posters for you to display in your school, college or organisation. We also have an online poster creator which is a great resource to use to explore the issues around bullying. All our posters are free to download, but if you would like to make a donation towards the work we do on anti-bullying, please visit our Just Giving page. We appreciate your support.

Cyberbullying                  Being bullied                    Joke on you 

Download the poster here        Download the poster here         Download the poster here



Sports run alone              Sports play fairly             LGBT bullying

Download the poster here     Download the poster here            Download the poster here



Think twice                     Social bullying          Workplace bullying

Download the poster here          Download the poster here                  Download the poster here



Please take a look at our anti bullying posters from anti bullying week, and feel free to download a copy of the posters below to put up in your school or home. 


Category one winning poster:                                           Category two winning poster:
Download your 'Billy' anti bullying poster                      Download your 'Nelly Poster' here


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