Advice about bullying in sports clubs

bullying in sports

Bullying also goes on in sports clubs in school and out of school. If you're a young sports player and you're feeling upset at the way you're being treated on the field by your team mates or adults involved in the game then there are things you can do about that.

Not everyone can be on the team so don't be upset if you're not always chosen. That doesn't mean that you're being bullied, just that the coach needs to pick the strongest side.

But if team mates make fun of you on the pitch or in the changing room, or try to upset you to put you off the game so that you don't want to take part in training sessions, that could be bullying if it keeps happening.

Action you can take

  • tell your parents or carer
  • ask your parents to contact your team coach
  • keep a diary of what happens
  • ksk friends on the team to back up what you say

If the problem isn't resolved, your parents should ask the coach or team manager for a copy of the complaints and/or bullying policy.

There is more advice for parents about bullying in sports and what you can do here. Read more about what to do if your child is being bullied



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