Advice for schools on bullying

Bullying UK is used as a teaching resource in schools and youth organisations. This section has lots of information for head teachers, teachers, school ancillary workers and youth organisations. The National Curriculum covers bullying and relationships and we know that Bullying UK is widely used in schools by pupils for project work and by staff preparing lesson plans. But bullying isn't confined to schools and our emails also reflect the fact that the problem affects college and university students as well as youth clubs, sports clubs and other young peoples' organisations. 

online course
There are lots of different things schools and teachers can do to ensure your school has a positive culture which helps to prevent bullying and ensure...
anti bullying policy
anti bullying projects
Carrying out projects in class, or as a school, makes sense if you are trying to find out whether bullying is a problem in your school, or whether you...
working with pupils against bullying
advice for schools on working with bullies

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