Examples of anti-bullying projects

There are many excellent anti-bullying projects and research going on in UK schools, LEAs and universities, which could be replicated in other areas of the UK.

If you want to share your expertise with other professionals, send details of your project to info@bullying.co.uk and Bullying UK will include it in this section. If your school is having a special anti-bullying event we'll include that too.

Sorry we can't include information from commercial firms due to the huge number of requests we get each week and the difficulty of evaluating their claims.

Mediation scheme

PC Gary Lewis, North Yorkshire Police youth action officer for Richmond, and a Community Police Officer of the Year, has run an anti-bullying roadshow as part of the Crucial Crew event for pupils in their last year at primary school and is happy to share information with other police forces about his successful bullying mediation scheme in schools and an anti-vandalism campaign.
Contact PC Lewis on 01609 789342 or email Gary.Lewis@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Essex UniversityResearcher Karen Robson has completed a study on the long term outcomes of having been peer alienated as a child. Many older people who are still suffering the effects of school bullying years later contact Bullying UK and this study,http://www.iser.essex.ac.uk/pubs/workpaps/pdf/2003-21.pdf , published by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, will be of great interest to them and to health professionals.
Contact: Karen Robson on 01206 873897 (office) or email klrobson@essex.ac.uk


This is a West Midlands Police and Birmingham Education Welfare Services joint programme to increase school attendance and reduce truancy. The website is at http://www.birmingham-csp.org.uk/News/pupilwatch1.
Email education welfare officer Chris Brolan for more details on Christine_Brolan@birmingham.gov.uk

Durham UniversityThe Curriculum Evaluation and Management Centre at Durham University has released a monitoring system for schools to help tackle bullying. The 'Event Mapper' allows pupils to indicate on a map of their school where they feel at risk. This enables a school to better allocate resources and to determine if their bullying policy is effective. There's a demonstration athttp://intu.cem.dur.ac.uk/datamap .
Contact Chris Wheadon on 0191 3344246 or email Chris.Wheadon@cem.dur.ac.uk


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