Anti bullying week fundraising pack

Read more about how you can raise money for Bullying UK and help stamp out bullying

Fundraising is a great opportunity to get your school, community or club to promote positive messages about anti-bullying, raise awareness of how your school or club protects children from bullying, raise funds for Bullying UK and have fun at the same time.

anti bullying week fundraising pack

Bullying can have a serious impact on self-esteem, education and mental health and affect someone for years to come. We provide a confidential helpline for young people and adults, advice content on our website and our work in schools talking directly to young people

Bullying UK fundraising pack

To help get you started in your fundraising activities, we have produced a lively anti bullying week fundraising pack for you with ideas on different types of events you can easily run at your school or club, and also some advice on things you might need to think about to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

We have also included some Bullying UK sponsorship forms to make it easy for you to raise money, as well as some colourful poster templates which you can use to help advertise your event. We are very grateful for your support.

Download the anti bullying week fundraising pack here. 

How your money helps

  • £10 helps a bullied child too scared to go to school to talk to our trained advisors 
  • £20 funds individual support sessions for ten families in distress each year
  • £25 helps train a volunteer call taker so they can be there for a mum who has just found out her daughter is self-harming because she is being bullied online

Donate to Bullying UK, part of Family Lives

If you would like to help Bullying UK, part of Family Lives, to continue to be able to support young people and families affected by bullying but don't have time to fundraise, you can simply make a donation. We are very grateful for your support. 

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For support call our confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222 or email us at Your opinion matters, please share your views on our website by filling in our survey.