Meet our Champions

Our Bullying UK Champions are on a mission to stop bullying. Meet our Champions and find out how you can be one, too.



Our Champion Peter and his fiance Charlotte beat the brutal Spartan Race to raise money for Bullying UK.

He says, “Bullying affects lots of young people and happens in many schools but it's the way it's dealt with which makes the difference between life being tolerable or a misery for many. Bullying can seriously impact mental health, self-esteem and education, with the effects being felt for years to come.

However, it’s charities like Bullying UK that provide daily support for young people and adults that make all the difference”. 

Peter’s so passionate about stopping bullying that it’s the subject of his PhD. “I’m researching the issue across both traditional forms of bullying and cyberbullying. I hope the research I’m doing, which examines how schools perceive and respond to bullying, will contribute to understanding, and preventing, bullying".



Neelofa is a passionate anti-bullying advocate, and one of our outreach workers in Coventry. 

Neelofa explains, "The reason why I decided to become a bullying champion is that I am passionate about putting a STOP to bullying.

I want people to understand that there is so much support out there and that they do not need to be a victim.

With the ever-increasing cyber-bullying going on, I want to make sure that people understand what it is and how it can be stopped. I really hope by raising awareness and funding that we will be able to help someone in need". 





Dave is a keen runner and cyclist who has taken on many challenges for charity. Unfortunately, he became the target of cyberbullying during his fundraising campaigns and went through a very difficult time, as the bullying extended to his wife and even to their children too. After receiving support from Bullying UK he is now passionate about raising awareness of cyberbullying and the help that is available to anyone suffering from it. He is taking part in the Bournemouth Half Marathon in aid of Bullying UK and is planning further challenges too.

“My wife Terrie and I and my children will continue with our campaign to raise awareness to what is becoming an even more dangerous problem every-day, we can help educate and advise people that may be going through what we still to date go through our problem has not gone away we have just learnt to deal with it. I shall go on to run in future events and next year my son George and I will finish our journey from John O Groats to Land' End on foot and bike to raise awareness and much-needed funding for Bullying UK as they helped us through the toughest challenge I have done to date.”



Helen works at a University in North Wales and has experienced severe, long-term workplace bullying herself. As a result of this, Helen recognises the fundamental need of support for those being bullied and is dedicated to stamping out bullying. 

She says, “Bullying can have a devastating effect on someone’s whole life and needs to be dealt with properly and stopped. When you are being bullied, you can feel an overwhelming sense of shame and sometimes all you need is a moment to talk to someone, openly, without the fear of being judged. 

Bullying touches everyone’s life at some point and it is really important to be able to find support quickly. It is vital to know you are not alone, that there genuinely is support available and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 

Bullying UK is a great charity and can make a life-changing difference to someone being bullied. I am really thrilled to support the work done by Bullying UK and help them to stamp out bullying.”


Lewis is the Public Relations Officer and Keeping Children Safe Online rep for the Oxfordshire Cadets. Using role plays and debating activities devised by Bullying UK, Lewis encourages the Cadets to talk about bullying including how to spot it and how to deal with it. 

He explains, “Within the Cadets we promote 4 key areas: fun, friendship, action and adventure, alongside our core values (Selfless commitment, respect for Others, Loyalty, Integrity, Discipline and Courage - SOLID C).” 

He is a passionate supporter of Bullying UK. "Stand up, speak out, nobody has the right to define who you are. Working together we can stop bullying".




Jimmy Bullying UK Champion

Jimmy is the founder of Hopwood Radio which offers support to the local community in Middleton, Greater Manchester. He takes part in lots of community projects including volunteering at the renovation of Hopwood Depree’s ancestral home, Hopwood Hall, and at Hopwood Park, a recreational green space for children of all ages and their families with on-site cafe where he is selling our anti-bullying wristbands.

He wants to help stop children going through what he did at school and college, as he sees bullying especially as a problem for pre-teens.

Jimmy explains, “Being a Bullying UK Champion allows me to be a part of something I can relate to. I have experienced bullying throughout my life and now I have the chance to make a difference to help spread awareness and fundraise for a cause that is helping victims overcome bullying by offering a professional free support service.”


Sacha encourages her Youtube viewers to seek help if they are being bullied by talking about her own experiences of it and pointing them to our Helpline and online support services. She is donating a percentage of sales from her online shop to Bullying UK, and selling our wristbands to her viewers. 

She explains, “I get Bullied every day since I started my YouTube channel back in January 2016. I share my experiences through my channel and social media in the hope that I can somehow help others who get bullied and show them that they are not alone and advice and help is available.”


Eve was bullied throughout senior school and it has impacted on her adult life affecting her friendships and her ability to socialise with new people. 

She explains, “I have two children of my own now and I do not want my children to live in a world where bullying is just accepted as 'part of school life', this is something which is actually killing our children.  I’ve been looking for ways to support the work of Anti bullying and Bullying UK are giving me that chance in the form of becoming an Anti-Bullying Champion. 

In July 2017 I climbed Ben Nevis for charity and in June 2018 I will be taking on a 27 mile hiking challenge to raise money for Bullying UK. I want to champion the work of anti-bullying and promote kindness in whatever small way I can, at least I will feel that in some way I’m fighting back now like I never did back then.“







I am proud to be a Champion for Bullying UK. I feel very strongly about combating bullying because it can have a detrimental effect on peoples' health. The reason why I chose Bullying UK is because I have personally been affected by bullying throughout my life. I have heard stories where victims have become unwell and committed suicide because they were bullied. This has got to stop. I think what is worse is when the victim does not feel that they have been believed and feels unsupported. I have recently completed the Cyprus marathon and raised over £1000 for Bullying UK. 


Inspired? Become a Bullying UK champion now. 

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