Bullying at school

When your child is being bullied at school, it can be very stressful and confusing on what steps to take to get the bullying to stop. You can find advice in this section on contacting the school, next steps if school does not resolve the bullying with template letters, supporting your child if bullies have taken their friends away, moving schools and more. 

It is totally understandable when a young person doesn't want to go to school because they are experiencing bullying. When a young person feels target...
moving school because of bullying
If your child has been bullied at school and you are unhappy with the way it has been handled or the bullying has continued, you can write to the scho...
Picture of teenage boy on his bed upset
It can be really distressing for families to find out that the bullying is still continuing even after involving the school. At this point, you may ha...
Education blackboard
When a child confides in you that they are feeling targeted by a teacher, it can be difficult to know what steps to take. This can be a sensitive issu...
advice if bullies have taken friends away
bullying at independent or private schools
Independent and private schools have a much larger degree of autonomy than state schools, so there is no local education authority to oversee their be...
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