Advice on making a complaint to your child's school about bullying

If your child has been bullied at school and you are not happy with the way it has been handled or it has not stopped you can write to the school to complain so that they can understand your concerns. Below are some templates for the different types of letters you may want to write. 


Letter to the head teacher

Dear Mr <name>,

I have been dealing with Ms <name> over the bullying of my daughter <name> by <name>. Despite discussing this with the class teacher/head of year, bullying is still going on.

Can you please let me know what strategy you can introduce to resolve this problem and how it will be monitored? Is it possible for you to increase supervision at the time most of the bullying happens (at break/ in the playground/ in the corridor/ in the changing room).

Can I please have a copy of the school bullying policy? Please put a copy of my complaint onto <name>'s file together with your written response.

Yours sincerely,

<Your Name>



Letter to the form teacher of head of year

Dear Ms <name>,

When I saw you yesterday and explained how upset my daughter <name> was due to bullying by <name>, you said you would (do some work with the class / monitor the situation / speak to <name>'s parents / keep me informed).

Mary knows that she must tell you if she has any further problems. Can we please have a meeting in a couple of weeks to review the situation?

Yours sincerely,

<Your Name>



Letter to the chairman of governors

(get his/her name from the school secretary and send the letter to the school address).

Dear Mrs <name>,
I enclose a copy of a letter I sent to the head teacher of Park High School on (date). Unfortunately, despite writing to the class teacher/head of year and the head teacher, my daughter <name> is still being bullied by <name>.

As you will see, I have asked the head what strategy he can introduce to stop the bullying (I am not satisfied with his reply/ the bullying has continued). Please investigate my complaint and tell me what steps the governors intend to take to halt the bullying of my daughter.

As this matter is unresolved I'd like a copy of <name>'s school record to see what action has been taken on my earlier complaints. I understand that I will be asked to pay for photocopying.
Yours sincerely,

<Your name>

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