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Workplace bullying is frequently in the headlines these days and there are worrying signs that it is on the increase. Research suggests that as many as 40 per cent of employees have experienced disrespectful or humiliating behaviour at work. So many people will have seen or know of the impact bullying behaviour can have on individuals, their performance as well as their personal life.

Respondents to a Family Lives survey found those affected by workplace bullying saw a deterioration in relationships with partners, friends and family members:

  • 70% of survey respondents were female
  • 66% of respondents witnessed bullying at work
  • 43% stating they were bullied by their line manager
  • 38% bullied by a colleague and 20% bullied by senior management or chief executive
  • 35% of bullying went on for more than a year

What you will learn:

  • The different types of bullying
  • The impact on health, family and work
  • How to establish an organisational culture dedicated to tackling bullying
  • The cost to organisations and the economy

This conference is aimed at:

  • HR professionals
  • Team leaders/managers
  • Senior executives/directors

Bullying UK, part of Family Lives, will be holding a conference in early 2018 (exact date to be confirmed) for anyone wanting to understand more about bullying in the workplace.

There have been recent harrowing stories about individuals bullied at work with tragic consequences. In addition, according to ACAS, "Representative surveys of workplaces, employees and health and safety representatives all indicate that the problem of workplace bullying and ill-treatment is growing in Britain."

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The conference will focus on all aspects of workplace bullying, including why and how it happens, legal aspects, best practice, the impact on family and relationships as well as the impact on physical and mental health.


Please note that this conference will not address specific grievances related to workplace bullying.



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