Anti-bullying week 18-22 November 2013

Watch our interactive anti-bullying video

Watch this interactive anti-bullying video created by Ambient Night Productions with assistance from Benjamin France for Bullying UK, part of Family Lives. It was created entirely by volunteers. Throughout this video you will be asked to make a decision from the point of view of the bully, the victim or the friends. These choices will alter the story as you go. You can download our discussion pack with questions to ask students. 

Due to YouTube annotation restrictions these videos are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. If you are using an tablet or mobile device please use these links to make your selection: 
Options: Do something -   Do nothing -


Anti bullying poster and tshirt design competition

Thank you to everyone who entered the competitions. If you didn't enter and still want to make a poster for anti bullying week, have a look at our online poster creator. Many congratulations to Billy in Year 1 and Nelly in Year 6 who won our poster and tshirt design competitions. You can download a copy of their posters here to put up in your school or home. 

Category one winning poster:                                                    Category two winning poster:
Download your 'Billy' anti bullying poster                                Download your 'Nelly' anti bullying poster


Watch the winning short-film in our anti-bullying competition

Many congratulations to the students from the Pauline Quirke Academy in Tonbridge.



'Spot it and Stop it!' twibbon 

You can now add our 'Spot it and Stop it!' Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile.

Show your support for our 'Spot it and stop it' anti-bullying campaign and add our Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile. 

It's easy and quick to do. Just go to our Twibbon page sign in to your account and add the Twibbon. Don't forget to share your new profile pic with your friends too and encourage them to add our Twibbon as well.



Glow in the dark Bullying UK wristband

Your school can support Bullying UK, part of Family Lives, during anti-bullying week by getting our unique, glow in the dark wristbands. 

Our wristbands are a great addition to a non uniform day or bullying awareness day. Wristbands cost 50p each (including VAT and postage), there is a minimum order of 100.

Wristbands will be available for Anti Bullying Week 2014, please visit our Bullying UK wristbands page to find out more and order yours in advance. 




Text to donate and help stamp out bullying

You can also support our campaign by texting 'STOP02 £1' to 70070 and donate £1 today. It only takes a couple of seconds to make a BIG difference. Your donation could help provide practical
and emotional support to someone struggling to cope with bullying. 

Read the full terms and conditions.


Anti-Bullying Week ideas for schools

  • add our LiveChat widget to your website so that children being bullied can talk to someone online and get support (see below)
  • show your support during Anti-Bullying Week by adding our Bullying UK Twibbon and donating to our campaign 
  • pledge to ensure your school has a strong anti-bullying policy
  • hold a non-uniform day and raise money for Bullying UK, part of Family Lives 
  • (pupils could donate £1 and get a Bullying UK wristband to take part)
  • run a bullying awareness workshop in your school (see information below).

If you would like more information about any of the suggestions above or have other ideas about 
ways you could get involved in Anti-Bullying Week activities, please contact us.


Bullying awareness workshops

Family Lives run workshops about sexual bullying and positive gender relationships, called 
TeenBoundaries. Sexual bullying is any behaviour which degrades someone, singles someone out 
by the use of sexual language, gestures, violence and victimisation related to appearance. Sexual bullying is also pressure to act promiscuously and to act inappropriately at school. These 
behaviours happen inside and outside school, in social groups and via the internet or mobile 
phones. Our workshops can be delivered in off-timetable days, over PSHE/Citizenship lessons in 
lunchtimes and afterschool. Get in touch with for more information.

How we can help you

If you would like support and advice, you can talk to one of our Family Support Workers by calling our confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222. You can also share experiences and advice with other parents on our Forums. Family Lives is here for you and you can contact us about any family issue, big or small.

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